Marketing Packages starting from AED 2000* onwards for Start Ups.

That age old saying, “what you sow is what you reap.” Gets to us every time. Every. Single. Time. You know why? Because we understand this saying does not fly with everyone, for example, someone like you, with humble means, on the road to fulfilling their ambition. When dreams seem out of reach and budgets are non existent, you need a helping hand, and not another loan.

That’s where JEQUALSJ wants to make a difference.

We seek those who need a helping hand, whether its a sales problem or a marketing conundrum. Let us explore, together, how we can use the magic of advertising, branding, design and content marketing to help propel your business.

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Package includes JEQUALSJ utilising resources to support businesses through:

  • Brand Communications Planning
  • Advertising Campaigns and Concepts
  • Design, Illustrations, and mocks
  • Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Website Design and development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Point-of-Sale Marketing

Terms and Conditions :

  • Package on offer is subject to analysis of client’s business by JEQUALSJ team.
  • Definition of a ‘Start up’ includes those organisations that have their inception date on trade license on or after June 30th, 2018.
  • JEQUALSJ reserve the right to offer their services at a price it seems correct. This decision is taken after careful analysis of a client’s business and marketing requirement.
  • The Package starting at AED 2,000 consists of specific marketing services, which may include all or one of the services listed above.
  • Only clients that meet certain criteria (confidential, and will be discussed in person) will be offered the AED 2,000 * package.