We are client centred

We are results driven


We are Independent

JEQUALSJ is a boutique marketing services agency, providing brand consultancy, with afocus onstrategy,creativity&engagement.

Our Dubai offices are situated in the stimulating ands creative environment of Dubai Design District, home to some of the most distinguished design talent in the world

We have worked with clients in a variety of sectors. In the UAE our focus is on Healthcare.

What we do


  • Brand definition
  • Brand development
  • Corporate guidelines
  • Identity development
  • Brand Messaging & voice
  • Creative direction


  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communications Planning
  • Research & Analysis
  • Content development


  • Website development
  • Responsive website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • HTML E-mail campaigns
  • UI & UX


  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Event Planning
  • On-ground Activations
  • Landscaping